Mario Forever Galaxy

Space Invaders remake using colorful Nintendo themes in the stars

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    Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows ME / Windows XP

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The Princess has been kidnapped yet again. This time into space! Bowser has rebuilt his army and taken the princess into deep space. Now, it is up to Mario and friends to take flight and go where they have never gone before to rescue her. The platformer you once knew has now taken new life, this time in Super Mario Forever Galaxy.

Super Mario Forever Galaxy is a continuation of the famous Mario Forever franchise. Mario Forever Galaxy abandons the traditional platformer game mechanics in exchange for a fixed shooter type game similar to Galaga and Space Invaders. Select from up to four different characters, including Mario, Luigi, a new character from the Mushroom Kingdom named Kinopio, and fan-favorite Samus Aran from the Metroid series.

In-game mechanics allow for playing with each character's unique skills, upgrading your ships in a wide variety of ways through the in-game shop, and access to over 60 different weapons, each with up to 10 upgrade levels, which you can use to fight your way through each level and defeat the enemy. Fight through eight different cosmic maps and defeat gigantic bosses to climactic and epic battle music.


• Minimal CPU usage, so game requires little processing power for gaming.

• Small download size that will not take up space on your computer.

• Fluid gameplay with epic fight scenes and music.

• Tons of customization options for all characters.

• Up to 60 different weapons each with 10 upgrade levels.

• Fun and fascinating levels that feel different with each character.

• Incredible boss battles with epic finishes.

• Get nostalgic and pilot Samus Aran's ship to fight the army of Bowser.


• Gameplay may feel a bit repetitive for veterans of older fixed shooting-style games, but is still an excellent play-through for fans of the Super Mario series.

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